UNIC TGH5251JSQ Truck mounted loader crane (#224)

UNIC truck mounted loader crane TGH5251JSQ (batch #224) based on DFL1250A9 chassis is made in China by Taian Furukawa Truck Crane Co., Ltd. The company is located in Taian, in Shandong Province, China.

UNIC TGH5251JSQ truck mounted loader crane


Brand NameUNIC
Type of vehicleTruck mounted loader crane
Country of originChina
Manufacturer Profile
Type of manufacturerHeavy duty truck manufacturer
Province (Region)Shandong Province
Number of vehicles*34 models
(165 items total)
* A number of models manufactured by Taian Furukawa Truck Crane Co., Ltd. found in vehicle database
Technical specifications
#Engine modelEngine displacementEngine powerEngine manufacturer
1ISDe23030 ISDe24530 ISDe27030 C24533 C23033 C260336700 6700 6700 8300 8300 8300 cc169 180 198 180 170 191 kW
Maximum speed90 km/h56 mph
Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight12310 kg,
12100 kg,
12230 kg,
12690 kg,
12480 kg,
12610 kg
12.3 t,
12.1 t,
12.2 t,
12.7 t,
12.5 t,
12.6 t
27,139 lbs,
26,700 lbs,
26,963 lbs,
27,977 lbs,
27,514 lbs,
27,800 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating24900 kg24.9 t54,900 lbs
Axle load distribution6960 kg / 17940 kg  (tandem axle) ,
6990 kg / 17910 kg  (tandem axle)
7 t / 17.9 t  (tandem axle) ,
7 t / 17.9 t  (tandem axle)
15,344 lbs / 39,551 lbs  (tandem axle) ,
15,410 lbs / 39,485 lbs  (tandem axle)
Overall length10960 mm / 11960 mm36′0″ / 39′3″
Overall width2500 mm8′3″
Overall height3600 mm11′10″
Cargo body
Cargo body length7700 mm / 8700 mm25′4″ / 28′7″
Cargo body width2294 mm7′7″
Cargo body height800 mm / 550 mm2′8″ / 1′10″
Undercarriage and Suspension
Number of axles3
Wheelbase5350+1300 mm,
5700+1300 mm
Front/rear overhang1460 mm / 2850 mm,
1460 mm / 3500 mm
4′10″ / 9′5″,
4′10″ / 11′6″
Approach / departure angle20 / 13, 20 / 10 deg.
Seating capacity2, 3
Steering controlsteering wheel
Additional Information

Crane Model: URV633, mass: 1820kg, maximum rated lifting load: 6350kg; optional URV503 cranes, quality: 1610kg, maximum rated lifting load: 5030kg; optional URV504 cranes, quality: 1735kg, maximum rated lifting load : 5030kg.Wheelbase 5350 +1300, the vehicle length 10960mm, container internal length 7700mm, rear overhang 2850mm, departure angle of 13 degrees, with a curb weight when URV633 crane is 12310kg, rated load weight of 12460kg (quasi-ride 2 people), 12395 (by the number of quasi-3); curb weight when equipped URV503 crane for 12100kg, rated load weight of 12670kg (quasi-ride for 2 people), 12605 (by the number of quasi-3); With URV504 Curb weight when the crane is 12230kg, rated load weight is 12540kg (quasi-ride for 2 people), 12475 (by the number of quasi-3). Wheelbase 5700 +1300, the vehicle length 11960mm, container internal length 8700mm, rear overhang 3500mm, departure angle of 10 degrees, with a curb weight URV633 crane when 12690kg, rated load weight 12080kg (quasi ride up to 2 people) , 12015 (by the number of quasi-3); curb weight with URV503 crane when 12480kg, rated load weight 12290kg (quasi-ride for 2 people), 12225 (by the number of quasi-3); when the crane is equipped URV504 Curb weight 12610kg, rated load weight 12160kg (quasi-ride for 2 people), 12095 (by the number of quasi-3). Side and rear underrun protection device made of materials used in Q235, as bolted connections, section size rear underrun protection device is 120mm × 60mm. Wheelbase 5350 +1300 protective device after the lower ground clearance of 520mm; wheelbase 5700 +1300 protective device after the lower ground clearance 530mm.