Hongyun HYD5030XJHA1D4 Ambulance (#269)

Hongyun ambulance HYD5030XJHA1D4 (batch #269) based on SH6501A1D4 chassis is made in China by Fortune Motors Co., Ltd. The company is located in Zhenjiang, in Jiangsu Province, China.

Hongyun HYD5030XJHA1D4 ambulance


Hongyun HYD5030XJHA1D4 ambulance Hongyun HYD5030XJHA1D4 ambulance Hongyun HYD5030XJHA1D4 ambulance Hongyun HYD5030XJHA1D4 ambulance Hongyun HYD5030XJHA1D4 ambulance
Brand NameHongyun
Type of vehicleAmbulance
Country of originChina
Manufacturer Profile
Type of manufacturerAutomobile and off-road vehicle manufacturer
Province (Region)Jiangsu Province
Number of vehicles*156 models
(254 items total)
* A number of models manufactured by Fortune Motors Co., Ltd. found in vehicle database
Technical specifications
Maximum speed150 km/h94 mph
Passenger capacity (including driver)3-7
Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight2420 kg,
2560 kg,
2610 kg
2.4 t,
2.6 t,
2.6 t
5,335 lbs,
5,644 lbs,
5,754 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating3200 kg3.2 t7,100 lbs
Axle load distribution1360 kg / 1840 kg
1.4 t / 1.8 t
2,998 lbs / 4,057 lbs
Overall length4950 mm / 5160 mm16′3″ / 17′0″
Overall width1998 mm6′7″
Overall height2345 mm / 2580 mm7′9″ / 8′6″
Undercarriage and Suspension
Front/rear overhang865 mm / 985 mm,
865 mm / 1195 mm
2′11″ / 3′3″,
2′11″ / 4′0″
Approach / departure angle26 / 17, 26 / 14 deg.
Additional Information

With the optional chassis sliding side windows, lateral door still, manual outside mirrors, ordinary steel wheels, optional rear stepping, stepping car length 5160mm optional rear, rear overhang 1195mm, departure angle of 14 °. With the optional chassis left side sliding door, optional sliding door on the right. With the optional chassis low roof; low roof installation warning lights height 2345mm, high roof to install warning lights height 2580mm. Without optional side of the car burst flash, optional snail lamp, optional fan shaped lights optional; optional blind windows. ABS with chassis mount models: ABS8.0, manufacturers: Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.). With an expansion chassis before Wai and LOGO. Special equipment Description: lights alarm systems, medical equipment cabinets. Special features: pre-hospital care and transport. When configuring the monitor type rescue equipment