Huanghai Huanghai DD6109K70 Bus (#273)

Huanghai bus DD6109K70 (batch #273) based on DD6109K70 chassis is made in China by Dandong Huanghai Automobile Co., Ltd. The company is located in Dandong, in Liaoning Province, China.

Huanghai DD6109K70 bus


Huanghai DD6109K70 bus Huanghai DD6109K70 bus Huanghai DD6109K70 bus Huanghai DD6109K70 bus Huanghai DD6109K70 bus
Huanghai logo Overview
Brand NameHuanghai logoHuanghai
Type of vehicleBus
Country of originChina
Manufacturer Profile
Type of manufacturerAutomobile and off-road vehicle manufacturer
Province (Region)Liaoning Province
Number of vehicles*832 models
(1745 items total)
* A number of models manufactured by Dandong Huanghai Automobile Co., Ltd. found in vehicle database
Huanghai logo Technical specifications
Maximum speed100 km/h63 mph
Passenger capacity (including driver)24-57, 24-55
Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight10400 kg,
10800 kg,
11300 kg
10.4 t,
10.8 t,
11.3 t
22,900 lbs,
23,800 lbs,
24,900 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating16000 kg16 t35,000 lbs
Axle load distribution5500 kg / 10500 kg
5.5 t / 10.5 t
12,100 lbs / 23,100 lbs
Overall length10490 mm34′5″
Overall width2495 mm8′3″
Overall height3320 mm / 3440 mm10′11″ / 11′4″
Undercarriage and Suspension
Front overhang2280 mm7′6″
Rear overhang3160 mm10′5″
Angle of approach
Angle of departure
Additional Information

The car is equipped with air conditioning, non - air - conditioned car height of 3320mm, air - conditioned car height of 3440mm, optional full closed, full push - pull and part of the push - pull window structure. The vehicle should be equipped with a drive recorder. Cancel the decorations. ABS Model: CM4XL-4S / 4K (4S / 4M), ABS Manufacturer: Guangzhou Kemi Automotive Brake Technology Development Co., Ltd. Can cancel the door, cancel the door, the body on both sides of the emergency window for the extrapolated emergency window, rated passenger 24-57, double door rated passenger 24-55. When the car is equipped with a single door, set the emergency door on the left side. Optional rearview mirror.