Fujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd.

Fujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. is a located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China. The product range includes MPV, box van truck, tourist bus, prisoner transport vehicle, bus, car, truck, special purpose vehicle, police vehicle, special transport vehicle. The brand is Mercedes-Benz logo . There are 28 vehicles (14 models) made by Fujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. found in the database.



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Tourist bus

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Box van truck

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Special purpose vehicle

Special transport vehicle

Police vehicle

Prisoner transport vehicle
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Company Profile

Fujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd.

Company NameFujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd.Company Type
CityFuzhouStreet AddressFuzhou City, Fujian Province, Qingkou Investment Zone on the 1st Avenue
Province (Region)Fujian Province
Number of vehicle models in the database (total number of items)14 (28)