JMC Modified Automobile Plant

JMC Modified Automobile Plant is a modified vehicle manufacturer located in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China. The product range includes ambulance, prisoner transport vehicle, engineering works vehicle, monitoring vehicle, emergency vehicle, postal vehicle, cash transit van, family planning vehicle, investigation team car, medical examination vehicle, business bus, box van truck, inspection vehicle, immunization and vaccination medical car, service vehicle, etc. The brands are: JMC Ford Transit logo , JMC logo . There are 65 vehicles (65 models) made by JMC Modified Automobile Plant found in the database.


Business bus

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Box van truck

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Special purpose vehicle

Public service vehicle

Service vehicle

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Family planning vehicle
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Special transport vehicle

Postal vehicle

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Police vehicle

Prisoner transport vehicle
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Engineering works vehicle
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Monitoring vehicle
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Investigation team car
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Inspection vehicle
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Bank venicle
Cash transit van
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Emergency rescue vehicle

Emergency vehicle

JMC logo (batch #114)

  • JMC emergency vehicle
  • Chassis: JX1040DSL2
  • Engine: JX493ZQ4 / JX493ZQ4A / YC4F90-20
  • Displacement (cc): 2771 / 2771 / 2660
  • Power (kW): 67.6 / 62 / 66
  • Passenger capacity: 8
  • JMC
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Medical vehicle


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Medical examination vehicle

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Immunization and vaccination medical car

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Company Profile

JMC Modified Automobile Plant

Company NameJMC Modified Automobile PlantCompany TypeModified vehicle manufacturer
CityNanchangStreet AddressNanchang Xiaolan Industrial Park
Province (Region)Jiangxi ProvincePostcode (ZIP code)330052
Number of vehicle models in the database (total number of items)65 (65)Fax0791-5985221